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Dedicated to improving the health of people everywhere

MELS CBD is grown and crafted with love, care and passion.

Our Premium CBD oils are 100% organic, full spectrum and are mixed with MCT oil for better absorption and health benefits for you.

In addition;

    • We use Supercritical CO2 extraction and Third Party Lab testing to guarantee Potency and Purity, delivering all the goodness your mind and body requires to stay healthy and well. 
    • Our cannabis is grown in southern Europe in glorious sunshine, where the whole plant is harvested, meaning that we extract as many medicinal compounds found naturally in cannabis as possible, including a variety of beneficial phytocannabinoids.  We cultivate different strains of Cannabis Sativa, each having its own unique properties, giving the oil a synergistic and multidimensional effect (The Entourage Effect).
    • From planting, growing, harvesting and manufacturing we make sure none of the processes involve any harmful chemicals or machinery that may alter the natural content of our plants.
    • To ensure the superior quality of our cannabis plants, we only harvest them once a year for 3 straight days when they are fully mature, right before and during the full moon. According to the traditional herbalists this is the best time to pick the cannabis plant to retain all its medicinal ingredients. 

Check our customer testimonials to hear from people who love our CBD, and see photos and videos of our cannabis and the manufacturing process by our expert farmers and lab technicians.

Welcome to the MELS world of CBD oils.

Melissa – cannabis – CBD oil – Mels Premium – Organisch hanf – biologisch Öl – aceite ecologico – Cáñamo orgánico – økologisk hamp olje

Two Life Changing Stories From our Customers



The making of MELS Premium CBD Oil

Hear from customers who love our CBD

I started using CBD to find a substitute for biological medicine and painkillers. I have several rheumatic disorders such as bechterews and psoriasis arthritis. In addition, I have fibromyalgia and trouble with nerves in my neck and shoulder region (which generates constant headaches). After I started with CBD I have reduced the amount of painkillers and no longer take biological medicine. The body feels better and the energy has returned.


I have now taken CBD oil just under one month and have finally started to achieve a deep sleep throughout the night. An awesome feeling to wake up well refreshed every day. In addition, I notice that my joints are better and that all kinking sounds around the body have disappeared. I highly recommend everyone to take CBD oil.


CBD oil has removed my inner turmoil and anxiety. It has become part of my daily routine and if I forget to take it one day, I notice the anxiety creeping back. I am very happy about this natural remedy, because normal medication is not even on the table. In addition, I appreciate the many other health benefits of this oil.


I have constant neck pains after a whiplash accident 25 years ago and tried cbd for pain relief. After just two weeks I noticed that my sleep had improved. I fell asleep quickly and slept all night. Now I wake up without my neck hurting. The pain is not completely gone, but my everyday life has gotten much easier. I have been using the oil for 2 months.


I take approx. 3 drops every day and know that it does good to me. I struggle with menopause and notice this has a good effect on joint pain and hormone-related ailments. I got more awake when taking the drops in the evening, so now I only take them in the morning.


I've been using different CBD oils for just over two years now. I use it to deal with various imbalances and infections, and I notice that it does a lot for the body, just as I have experienced that antibiotics have done before. I also notice that my sleep is deeper when using the oil.

I notice that it does a lot for the body

I've taken the oil for half a year and now I sleep much better. Everyday life has gotten much easier regarding joints, back and muscle pain. The body has adjusted itself and I now no longer feel tired and without energy as I used to do. I'm going to continue as I notice an improvement every day.






100% Organic natural highest quality. Premium Full spectrum CBD oils. cbd oil

100% Organic natural highest quality. Premium Full spectrum CBD oils. cbd oil



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