CBD for Pets
CBD for Pets


MELS CBD‘s goal is to be able to offer the most potent CBD oil on the market, and our mission is to continuously work to develop new competitive products.

All our CBD oils are carefully developed in collaboration with our researchers and chemists, and we constantly review and upgrade our practices and plant choices to ensure that nothing but the finest organic and sustainable CBD oils leave our factory.

The production of MELS CBD oils cannot be rushed and is well worth every ounce of extra effort, love and care we put into them. Our strict criteria have rewarded us with the highest quality CBD oils, packed with cannabinoids, terpenes and phenols.

What makes MELS CBD oil unique

  1. Extracted from ripe flowers, harvested from up to five different types of cannabis. Each variety has been carefully developed by our cultivators for its own unique characteristics.
  2. Grown in the open French countryside, our plants are cared for in a sustainable ecological way without the use of herbicides or chemical fertilizers. A principle we live up to is to protect the environment and respect the plant’s need for real sunlight and good nutrition
  3. The crops are only harvested once a year to capture the depth of the medicinal compounds in the cannabis plant. We use the same ancient principles that were used by traditional herbalists for centuries, and harvest our plants just three days before and during the full moon. All in order to preserve all the health-promoting ingredients cannabis sativa has to offer.
  4. The oil is CO2-extracted, which is the most gentle form of CBD extraction.
  5. The end product is added to the organic base oil MCT, which increases the uptake and provides maximum medical benefits.

We hope you enjoy CBD oil as much as we do here at MELS. The feedback we receive from our users is overwhelmingly positive, but also surprisingly unique, as CBD works to the needs of each individual person.

We would love to hear about your personal experiences.

Om Mels Melissa


Founder of MELS Dietitian Certified in medical cannabis

Om Mels Nicolas


Founder of MELS

Om Mels Aleksander


Writer Subject responsible

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Om Mels Marius


Digital and graphic design

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