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Mels Premium 5% Natural

Mels Premium 5% Peppermint

Mels Premium 5% Cinnamon

Mels Premium 10% Natural

Mels Premium 10% Peppermint

Mels Premium 10% Cinnamon

Mels Premium 20% Natural

Mels Premium 20% Peppermint

Mels Premium 20% Cinnamon

Mels Premium 40% Natural

Mels Supreme 5% Natural

Mels Supreme 10% Natural

Mels Supreme 20% Natural

Mels Supreme 40% Natural

Mels Neuro

Mels Immune

Mels Pure 10%

Mels Pure 20%

Mels Pure 40%

Mels Flame 12%

Mels Flame 24%

Mels Capsules


Mels E-liquid – Wild blackcurrant and Mint

Mels E-liquid – Banana and Strawberry

Mels E-liquid – Fruit and Yogurt

Mels E-liquid – Sweet Mango

Mels E-liquid – Lemon Cookie

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