FAQ about CBD for PETS

MELS PETS CBD Drops has been created with the highest quality in mind. Our formula is created specifically for pets; the oil is pesticide free, organic and 100% natural. 

Here you will find the most frequented asked questions about PETS and CBD:

Does the CBD for pets contain THC?

Since pets do not respond well to THC we have decided to remove this cannabinoid in the formula. However we still managed to keep the oil full spectrum, providing the “entourage effect”. 

Can CBD give natural relief for your pet?

Yes. CBD has shown to have healing and balancing effect on all mammals, such as cats, dogs and horses.  

Many pet owners report better mood, better recovery from illness or surgery, less anxiety when traveling, less discomfort due to arthritis, better appetite and a lot more.

How much CBD shall you give your pet?

Giving the right dose can vary a lot since the number of active cannabinoidreceptors varies. You may need to experiment to find the right amount of CBD and how often. Start with a low dose, and increase the dosage as needed. It is not uncommon to see results in 30-60 minutes. Is there no change after one hour, try to increase the dosage.

FAQ about CBD for PETS 1 Dosage

Will CBD drug my pet?

CBD does not drug your animal. MELS CBD for pets is completely safe and does not have any adverse side effects. We have taken the THC completely out, making it non-psychoactive.

How do I give my pet CBD drops?

CBD oil should be given directly into the mouth for best results, but can also be added to food, dropped on a treat or rubbed into bare skin, or inside the ears.

How does CBD work on my pet?

CBD reacts with the pets endocannabinoid system, which plays a major role in regulation of pain, inflammation, appetite, mood and memory.

A study even showed that CBD strengthens bones and accelerates the healing of fractures. Researchers administered CBD on rats with mid-femoral fractures and found that CBD regulate bone mass

Will CBD make my pet sleep better?

If your pet doesn’t sleep well at night, try giving your pet CBD drops before bedtime. 

CBD does not make your pet sleepy throughout the day. 

How do I choose the best CBD for my pet?

Lets put it this way; if you wouldn’t take it yourself, don´t give it to your pet. In other words, make sure the oil is organic, natural and with a low (preferably no) content of THC. 

Can pets overdose on CBD oil?

No, that is very unlikely as CBD is considered extremely safe. However, we recommend to start with a low dosage and increase until you get the desired results. Follow our recommended dosage.

Can humans take MELS Premium CBD for PETS?

Yes, all our CBD oils are safe to use, both for PETS and their owners. The difference is fewer terpenes, zero THC and fish oil as carrier oil.  



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