Two Strain CBD OiL with Astaxanthin, Zinc and Vitamin D3
Full Spectrum with MCT Oil


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A ground-breaking new product to fortify your body’s natural defences, bolster its immune system to help keep you free from colds and viruses and strengthen your bones and muscles to keep you fit and strong.

MELS IMMUNE is a unique product that has been carefully formulated with TWO STRAINS of cannabis plants and delivers double the amount of medicinal substances than other CBD oils. It has been enriched with the powerful antioxidant Astaxanthin and enhanced with medically proven immune boosters Zinc and Vitamin D3 to improve your overall health.

Organic, free of GMO, pesticides and toxic chemicals.
Third-party lab tested for purity and potency.
CO2-extracted, preserving all the properties

MELS IMMUNE has been scientifically created from 2 different species of cannabis plants, and includes Astaxanthin, Zinc and Vitamin D3, to produce a highly effective and pure immune boosting CBD oil for men, women, teens and adults.

Customers report it has helped them recover more quickly from exercise, physical activity, given them more energy and helped either prevent them from catching colds or flu, or helped them recover faster from minor illness and viruses.

MELS Immune Support is an Organic RAW oil, which is the most natural of hemp oils containing CBD, (cannabidiol) and CBDa, (cannabidiolic acid).

It is extracted using CO2 super critical carbon dioxide extraction, mixed with MCT oil for better absorption and contains waxes, terpenes, flavonoids and the full spectrum of cannabinoids.

The extract is unheated and retains a high ratio of CBDa to CBD. The natural CO2 extraction process removes most of the chlorophyll, resulting in a red colour, thick oil and the pleasant light taste of cinnamon.

It is produced from crops harvested in accordance with traditional herbalist practices on a certified organic farm and has been scientifically developed with our research chemist and farmers to deliver a powerful, effective oil to help improve your health, your energy, and help you cope with the physical stress of everyday life.

MELS CBD Oils are derived from only the best quality flowers harvested from up to five different strains of the Cannabis plant. Each strain has been carefully developed by our talented cultivators for its own unique properties. Farmed outdoors, in natural light, our plants are grown and nurtured sustainably without the use of pesticides, herbicides or chemical fertilisers at our secluded farm nestling in the beautiful French countryside. It is a principle of our founding philosophy to protect the environment and retain nothing but the natural goodness inherent in the plant itself – NO ADDITIVES, NO CHEMICALS!

Our lovingly tended crop of fully mature plants is harvested only once a year to permit the entire depth and complexity of beneficial medicinal compounds to develop completely. We employ the same ancient principles used by traditional herbalists down through the centuries and pick our plants for the three days immediately before and during a full moon. This way, we capture the maximum array of the life-enhancing elements of this amazing plant.

Additional Information

Our own immune system is what protects us against bacteria, viruses, parasites and cancer cells. When it senses foreign pathological invaders, it sends out an army of immune cells to destroy them.
The Endocannabinoid System (ESC) plays an important part in immunoregulation, as immune cells, such as macrophages and leukocytes are equipped with both CB1 and CB2 receptors.
When these receptors are activated by CBD, they regulate the production of inflammatory cytokines and anti inflammatory peptides. As a result, inflammation in the body is reduced and homeostasis is restored within the immune system.
Think of CBD as an immune switch that can be turned off and on depending on how much immune response is needed in the body.
In addition, vitamin D3, Astaxanthin and zinc are all essential for a healthy immune system.

We are committed to the concept of continuous improvement and we constantly review and upgrade our processes, practices and plant selection to ensure that nothing but the finest organic, sustainably-produced CBD oil leaves our premises.

Our plants spend longer in the sun, our oils take longer to produce and the fruits of our labour spend many more hours in research & development than would be required to produce a range of standard-grade CBD oil.  MELS CBD Oils cannot be rushed, are never standard-grade and are well worth every ounce of extra effort, love and attention we lavish upon them.


  • 100% natural, organic and made of the highest quality.
  • Enriched with MCT coconut oil in order to facilitate optimal uptake and absorption for you and includes Astaxanthin, Zinc and Vitamin D3.
  • Full spectrum. Contains the entire array of available cannabinoids and are rich in terpenes and flavanoids.
  • Extracted using state-of-the-art CO2 extraction processes.
  • We monitor the quality of the products with the help of the High Performance Liquid Chromatography – HPLC – method. We analyse the presence of cannabinoids, heavy metals, pesticides and aflatoxin.
  • Formulated with 2 different strains of Cannabis plant , each with its own unique properties to give our oils a synergistic and multi-dimensional effect (The Entourage Effect*).
  • Contains trace elements of THC (less than 0.2%).
  • Derived from crops harvested in accordance with traditional herbalist practices on a certified organic farm.
  • Enjoyed by vegans.
  • Third-party laboratory tested for potency, purity and efficacy.

Naturally thick with an amber colour and a light pleasant aftertaste.  The first of its kind derived from four species of plant.

: 2000mg CBD & CBDa full spectrum with MCT Oil.

Content: 10g (approx. 200 drops per bottle).  One drop contains 10mg of CBD.

Storage: Best kept below 25 degrees Celsius.  Avoid direct sunlight.


CBD cannot be used as a substitute for a varied diet. To maintain proper health, you should follow a varied diet and lead a healthy lifestyle.

Do not use in children under 12 years of age, in pregnant women and nursing mothers. CBD should not be used simultaneously with antidepressants [SSRIs, SNRIs, MAO inhibitors], antiviral drugs in the case of HIV/AIDS infection or used as part of therapy after organ transplantation.



Full Spectrum
CO2 Extracted
THC /THCa Content <0.2%
2 x 30ml bottles
40 day dosage
0.5ml taken 3 x Daily is 30mg CBD/CBDa, 300mcg Asataxanthin, 11mg Zinc, 15mcg Vitamin D3
Flavour: Cinnamon

Storage: Best kept below 25 degrees Celsius. Avoid direct sunlight.


Lab Results

Immune Lab Results & Certification

MELS Immune Lab Report 1

MELS Immune Lab Report 2

Customer Reviews

“I am rarely sick and not particularly afraid of viruses and bacteria, but I’m certainly for strengthening the immune system so that we are more equipped when winter comes. So for me this is a great product.”

“I’ve never heard of a CBD oil having Asataxanthin added to it before. Mels Immune does. I bought it for that reason only. After I started taking, the energy boost was a pleasant and much needed surprise. I’m on my third bottle now.”

“Best CBD product that I have used to help keep me well and boost my health. Especially now when things everyone is practicing keeping healthy. You only need a few drops of the product because it is very strong. It gives fast relief from any aches or soreness. It’s a little pricey but it’s so worth it and it’s better to invest the money into all natural health sources than pharmaceutical toxins.”


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