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I started using CBD to find a substitute for biological medicine and painkillers. I have several rheumatic disorders such as bechterews and psoriasis arthritis. In addition, I have fibromyalgia and trouble with nerves in my neck and shoulder region (which generates constant headaches). After I started with CBD I have reduced the amount of painkillers and no longer take biological medicine. The body feels better and the energy has returned.
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I have noticed very good effects of CBD oil. The first thing I noticed was that sleep improved. I do not spend as long on falling asleep andI sleep deeper without awakening during the night. I also notice improvements when it comes to my rheumatic disease. I have less pains in my body and I'm not as exhausted as before. The disease activity has declined and several of the symptoms have actually improved. I can feel this on the body, but I have also been told by doctors after examination that inflammations and other ailments show improvement. Finally – my rheumatic blood test values that have been positive over the last four years were negative at last.
User reviews 10 Stars


5 years ago I met the wall. I am a mother of three children with diagnoses. The heaviest was that of my my son who was chronically ill and needed many hospital stays. C-pap machine for breathing difficulties, and vulnerable lungs that constantly had infections. After having made a series of devotions, I collapsed. The doctors just put me on antidepressants, but I was not depressed. But the doctors insisted. Time went by and we saw no other solution but to move to another country where the climate was better. I threw my tablets away because it brought me nowhere. I myself have an ADHD diagnosis, but the body was still tired. Why? I started doing research about cbd oil. I was very curious and chose to try it out. I became much better. I now sleep well, have more energy and my mood got better over time. I've cut down on Ritalin from 100 mg a day to 40.
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I have now taken CBD oil just under one month and have finally started to achieve a deep sleep throughout the night. An awesome feeling to wake up well refreshed every day. In addition, I notice that my joints are better and that all kinking sounds around the body have disappeared. I highly recommend everyone to take CBD oil.
User reviews 10 Stars


CBD oil has removed my inner turmoil and anxiety. It has become part of my daily routine and if I forget to take it one day, I notice the anxiety creeping back. I am very happy about this natural remedy, because normal medication is not even on the table. In addition, I appreciate the many other health benefits of this oil.
User reviews 10 Stars


I have constant neck pains after a whiplash accident 25 years ago and tried cbd for pain relief. After just two weeks I noticed that my sleep had improved. I fell asleep quickly and slept all night. Now I wake up without my neck hurting. The pain is not completely gone, but my everyday life has gotten much easier. I have been using the oil for 2 months.
User reviews 10 Stars


I take approx. 3 drops every day and know that it does good to me. I struggle with menopause and notice this has a good effect on joint pain and hormone-related ailments. I got more awake when taking the drops in the evening, so now I only take them in the morning.
User reviews 10 Stars


I've been using different CBD oils for just over two years now. I use it to deal with various imbalances and infections, and I notice that it does a lot for the body, just as I have experienced that antibiotics have done before. I also notice that my sleep is deeper when using the oil.
User reviews 10 Stars

I notice that it does a lot for the body

I've taken the oil for half a year and now I sleep much better. Everyday life has gotten much easier regarding joints, back and muscle pain. The body has adjusted itself and I now no longer feel tired and without energy as I used to do. I'm going to continue as I notice an improvement every day.
User reviews 10 Stars




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